The LePouf Bean Bag Manufacture is a customer-driven, ecofriendly manufacturer dedicated to reducing the economic and environmental costs of manufacturing, enabled by the product design and implementation of recyclable foam and nation based labor. Founded in 2012, LePouf is nationally recognized for advancing innovative modern seating products across the United States.

LePouf employs American based professionals and is headquartered in Southern California. The company designs and operates within the manufacturer, efficiency service delivery with all reliable shipping carriers. 

Over the last 3 years, LePouf has been innovating to design products from the ground up, to critique existing products, and to recommend improvements for future prototypes. LePouf staff members have developed experience designing and implementing consumer behavior needs, and has been a costumer driven as well as business to business driven. Improving the needs of both product and value.

LePouf is widely recognized for being USA-made, Eco friendly, comfortable, reliable, durable, and affordable. We are well-known for our comfort knowledge, creativity, innovation, and our ability to integrate comfort design, review, costumer needs, and implementing comfort experience in a way that provides practical and sleek designs for our clients. LePouf also brings a particular focus on the needs of Eco considerate consumers to all of our work, allowing us to drive toward our mission via real-world solutions to the problems of homeowners, and business owners.